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Deaf Education

My name is Debra Lack. I am an educator of the Deaf. I work with students from various backgrounds and with various hearing levels. I use everything from fluent ASL to multi-modal communication systems to reach my students. Although I have learned some basic troubleshooting of hearing technology and advocate for my student to use it, I am not an audiologist. The very talented and knowledgeable professionals in the ARU are in charge of that aspect of the Deaf Education department. My focus is on helping others have access to communication and I thrive on seeing them make those human connections with the world around them. I have a strong passion for empowering others to succeed. I am fluent in ASL and an honorary member of the Deaf community.
Debra Lack
M.A. Deaf* Education
Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf*
Support Provider of the Deaf*
Specialist in Deaf-Blindness
(323) 426-7696 (talk and text)
*Umbrella term to encompass identities that may change over time and place including Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, DeafPlus & Late-Deafened.