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Computer Technology

Job Skills Development

This course will prepare students for the work place and increases their knowledge in technology. Students are assessed and become aware of their strengths and weaknesses by performing job tasks in all areas of technology and job skills. Students will learn the skills needed to find competitive employment, computer/ipad skills, resume writing, cover letter writing, and interviewing skills. Students will learn how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Communication Through Technology is a basic beginners course in which students learn to identify the components and functions of a computer system. Students also gain proficiency in using input devices such as keyboards, mouse, pointer device, microphones, printers, monitors, Ipads and much, much more. Students will also learn the essentials of word processing, such as creating resumes, cover letters, and business letters. Throughout this course, students will develop a work based vocabulary that can be utilized in any area of vocational interests. With acquired skills learned from this program, students create school-wide Power Point presentations, flyers, ID cards, brochures, invitations, menus, etc.