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Transition Skills

Transition Services
…” a coordinated set of activities for a student that is designed to be with-in a results-oriented proves that is focused on improving the academic and functional achievement of the child with a disability to facilitate the child’s movement from school to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, including post-secondary education, vocational education, integrated employment (including supported employment, work-related tasks), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation.”
Our Focus
This Transition Skills course will expose students, make them aware of and teach students entry-level employ-ability skills for the 21st century. Students at their current level of ability will explore and develop self-awareness, self- determination, and self-advocacy as well as personal goal setting. This course will address essential transitional skills which are to prepare our students with planning for further education/training, employment, income, living arrangements, awareness of personal documents, leisure time, and participating in the community.